Straight From DeHart

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Thank-you Councillor Maxine DeHart for this lovely mention in May 20th’s “Straight from DeaHrt”.


Date: May 20/2020

Care Dental at 1575 Banks Road has completely renovated to meet Canadian Healthcare Facilities Airborne Infection Isolation Room standards. It is believed to be the first of its kind in a BC dental setting. The investment insures that any virus in the practice is contained and removed in the space that it was generated.  Many dental procedures are aerosol generating medical procedures. This demands they take steps to contain and remove any aerosolized pathogens, like COVID-19 created in their clinical areas. The professionally engineered and permanent system is part of a four piece layered approach designed to meet or exceed specifications used in the design of advanced Canadian hospitals. Alongside patient flow adjustments, and infection control changes, they can now safely and responsibly deliver emergency and urgent dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic and after. Care Dental has now re-opened to serve you safely and responsibly for all dental needs. Appointments requested at and do not require a referral. Watch for more exciting news on Care Dental this coming week.