Digital Oral Health Scans, Bite Mapping & Smile Outcome Simulation 

Care Dental new patient exams, as well as annual recall exams or check-ups provide at no additional cost to our patients, a full 3D digital scan. This scan includes bite-mapping, Near Infrared Imaging (NIRI) cavity detection, intraoral photos, and Smile Outcome Simulation.

Care Dental has invested in iTero Element 5D Digital Scanners in order to ensure that our community of patients and clinicians can benefit from the additional diagnostic and visualization tools that can only be provided by 3D scans of this type.

What is a 3D digital scan and why is it important?  Well… In a swift, painless, radiation-free, and non-invasive scan, we create precise 3D digital models of your mouth and bite.   No more goopy impressions!  This enables us to observe the intricate interplay within your bite, allowing us to measure and track factors like clenching, grinding, chipping, and other misalignments that can impact both your teeth and your overall oral health.  Before we could only see what had already happened!  Now we can see, in real time, what is happening!   Our scanners are the first 3D intraoral scanners to incorporate Near Infrared Red Imaging. This feature assists our dentists in the early detection of interproximal cavities (cavities between the teeth).   This early detection hopefully allows us to address with you a small issue, before it becomes bigger, more painful, more invasive and more costly to repair.

Are you interested in achieving a healthier or more beautiful smile? Our Smile Outcome Simulator is designed to provide our current and interested smile design and orthodontic patients with a glimpse of what their smile could look like after completing treatment. This collaborative approach ensures that together, we can work towards achieving the most desirable outcome for your oral health and aesthetics.   We’ve all got just one life to live!   We think that it should be lived with your best smile forward.



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