Some teeth are more difficult to brush and because of this are more susceptible to decay.   These teeth are also often some of the most functionally critical teeth in the mouth as well.   An example of this could be a permanent rear molar that has very deep fissures or pits on the chewing surface.   These teeth can be protected with a sealant fill. The process of getting a sealant fill is minimally invasive, doesn’t involve needles and is often well suited for children and teenagers who sometimes aren’t as diligent when brushing.    It involves painting sealant onto the tooth, then setting it with a specialized light. Once the sealant is set, that tooth has the added protection to stop tooth decay before it begins.    Sealant fills are relatively inexpensive, and certainly less expensive than repairing any decay that they could prevent and can be placed quickly during regular check-ups or cleanings.



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