Gum Grafting  

Gum recession can be a concerning issue for many patients, often leading to tooth sensitivity and the exposure of unattractive tooth roots. Once your gums become damaged, typically due to gum disease or periodontitis, they will not “grow back” on their own.   Care Dental offers a solution: dental gum grafting. This procedure becomes necessary when the gums recede to the point where the roots of your teeth are exposed, jeopardizing both your oral health and your smile’s aesthetics. Gum grafting is a specialized procedure performed by our in-house specialist, known as a periodontist, ensuring that you receive expert care without the need to visit a separate office.

How Dental Gum Grafting Works and Its Benefits: During a gum graft, our periodontist will gently graft tissue from one area of your mouth, usually the roof of the mouth, onto the recessed gumline. This procedure helps to cover the exposed tooth roots and restore a healthy and attractive gumline. The benefits of dental gum grafting are numerous. Not only does it eliminate tooth sensitivity caused by exposed roots, but it also prevents further gum recession and protects your teeth from potential decay or damage. Additionally, a healthier gumline enhances the aesthetics of your smile. At Care Dental, we understand that your oral health is a priority, and we offer payment plans through Lendcare (OAC) to ensure that you can maintain both your budget and your dental well-being, allowing you to balance both health and finances comfortably.



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