Inhale Calm, Exhale Anxiety

For every appointment you have at Care Dental, our team will be finding ways to make it feel no different than a trip to the spa. Creating an experience that is akin to snuggling up in bed with your favourite book has been our goal, so our practice has been designed from square one to make that a reality. You will feel right at home in our chairs – cover up in a cozy blanket, take a sip from a cup of tea or an Americano, turn on Netflix and listen in with a set of wireless headphones. Your comfort is equally as important to us as the exceptional dentistry being practiced here, so we make it our priority to create an unparalleled dental experience that will have your smile beaming after each visit!

Matching the tranquility of a spa, from our team that is committed to producing a serene environment, to all the little details such as lavender essential oils, a selection of drinks to choose from, and the overall design of our welcoming space, Care Dental is the culmination of luxury dentistry. Anxiety is something that has affected many people’s willingness to visit the dentist, but Care Dental is here to put that in the past. We offer nitrous (laughing) gas when necessary, and sedatives to calm nerves that refuse to subside, so no matter what you’re visiting the dentist for, you will be in a state of peace for the entire duration of your stay.