Sinus Lifts & Bumps 

A sinus lift, often referred to as a sinus bump, is a specialized oral surgery that can be crucial for individuals who require dental implants in the upper back jaw. At Care Dental, we provide sinus lift and bump procedures in-house to ensure your convenience and well-being.

Understanding Sinus Lift and Bump

When tooth loss occurs in the upper back jaw, the bone in that area may begin to deteriorate or resorb. This bone loss can extend into the sinus cavity, creating insufficient bone volume for dental implants. In such cases, a sinus lift or bump procedure is needed to lift the sinus membrane and create space for implant placement.

The Procedure

During a sinus lift or bump procedure, our experienced team gently elevates the sinus membrane, creating a void underneath. This cavity is then filled with bone graft material, which encourages new bone growth. Over time, the graft material fuses with your natural bone, providing a stable foundation for dental implants. After the healing process is complete, you’ll be ready to receive your dental implants with confidence.

Benefits of Sinus Lift and Bump

Sinus lift and bump procedures offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Implant Placement: By increasing bone volume, these procedures make it possible to successfully place dental implants in the upper back jaw.
  • Enhanced Stability: The newly regenerated bone ensures a strong and stable foundation for implants, increasing their long-term success.
  • Improved Aesthetics: These procedures help restore the natural contour of your jaw, enhancing your smile and facial appearance.

At Care Dental, we perform all but the most complex sinus lift and bump procedures in-house, eliminating the need for specialist referrals and associated fees. This ensures your convenience and provides you with a streamlined and efficient experience as you embark on your journey to achieve a complete, healthy, and beautiful smile.



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