In the past, a trip to the dentist often involved goopy impressions and multiple visits. At Care Dental, the future is now.   We’ve invested in both digital dentistry and artificial intelligence to provide accurate, efficient, and esthetically appealing dental restorations and healthier smiles to our patients in just one visit.   The best part …?   There’s no additional cost to you.   Although we feel that you should get more, we also feel that you shouldn’t have to pay more for it.

It all starts with a Digital Oral Health Scan:

Did you know that while dentists can easily spot chips or visible wear due to misalignment, clenching or grinding, that detecting ongoing chipping or wearing has been challenging in the past?  Why?

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Well, its very difficult to accurately assess chipping or wearing of a tooth, without first having accurate before and after traditional plaster models of the mouth, including the bite and interplay between the bottom and top teeth.   Creating these traditional plaster models at every exam, for every patient, over time, storing them, comparing them, is costly, clinically challenging and ultimately impractical.

To solve this, Care Dental practices have invested in digital dentistry, and by employing modern digital scanners and artificial intelligence, our clinicians can now provide quick, painless, and accurate oral health scans during every New Patient exam and Check-up.

These scans capture thousands of high-definition photos to create a digital 3D model of your mouth, revealing areas of concern, such as grinding, clenching, or misalignment, so that together, you can achieve a healthier smile. We maintain and digitally archive all digital scans for your records to monitor changes and plan accordingly.   We can show you on the big screen, point out areas of concern, along with potential solutions and together we can keep you in the driver’s seat towards a healthier smile.

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Near Infrared Caries (Cavities) Detection (NIRI)

The standard practice for detecting cavities typically involves comprehensive exams and traditional x-rays, but the effectiveness can vary depending on the tooth surface. Visual and tactile detection usually suffices for cavities on the chewing surface, while cavities between your teeth (interproximal) are typically detected through x-rays. However, there are limitations to this approach, including the use of ionizing radiation for imaging, overlapping contacts, and unclear exposure contrast.

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To address these issues at no additional cost, Care Dental offers an oral health scan during new patient and recall exams that utilizes transillumination with near-infrared light. This technology works based on how different tooth structures interact with the light. For instance, intact enamel appears relatively transparent, while cavities cause light scattering, allowing us to distinguish between healthy enamel and a cavity. NIRI aids in the early detection of small interproximal cavities, facilitating less invasive procedures if detected early.

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Outcome Simulator

Have you ever wished to enhance aspects of your smile? Whether it’s addressing gaps, creating more space, achieving a straighter look, adding brightness, improving alignment, or replacing lost teeth for a more functional, healthy, and beautiful smile, Care Dental is here to help. If you’re considering orthodontics, need to replace a failing bridge or crown, or are tired of dentures restricting your lifestyle, we could assist you in achieving the smile you desire.

We understand that the traditional process of providing a preview of your new smile can be challenging. While we could offer plaster models and mock-ups, visualizing the outcome might be difficult. That’s why we’ve made a significant investment in technology to revolutionize this experience.

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As part of our commitment to our orthodontic and smile design patients, we proudly provide a digital Outcome Simulator at no extra cost.

This digital simulator communicates with our 3D digital scanning equipment and existing 3D digital models, and considers the treatment plan that your dentist has proposed to you. We capture detailed photographs of your face, features, and profile, and manipulate these inputs using specialised software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence. The result? A virtual representation of you with an adjusted smile, closely resembling the expected outcome after completing the treatment.   Short of time travel, it’s a representation as close to the new you smiling back at you that can be achieved. Experience the transformation before it happens, and let your treatment begin and smile shine with confidence!

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Airborne Infection Isolation Room

At Care Dental your safety is not just a priority but a fundamental commitment. If you’ve ever noticed the front door sticking, it’s not a maintenance short-fall, but is in fact a quirk.  Did you know that all Care Dental practices operate under negative pressure, ensuring a secure dental environment?

Air quality in dental practices can often be compromised due to various factors inherent to the nature of dental procedures. The use of high-speed handpieces, ultrasonic scalers, and air-water syringes generates aerosols and fine particles that can linger in the air. These particles may carry bacteria, viruses, blood or other contaminants present in patients’ oral fluids. Additionally, the dental materials used, such as adhesives, resins, and disinfectants, can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), contributing to indoor air pollution. Limited ventilation in traditional “office building” type settings and inadequate air exchange systems further exacerbate the challenge, allowing these airborne contaminants to persist.

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What sets us apart? Care Dental was the first in Canada and remains among the few in British Columbia to adhere to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z8000-18 HVAC Airborne Infection Controls Guide. This commitment isn’t just about tweaking existing HVAC; it involves a comprehensive overhaul of our system. We’ve invested in all-new ducting, rooftop mechanical equipment, all designed by specialised mechanical engineers.

Following the CSA Z8000-18 guide, our HVAC system incorporates High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration and controlled ventilation. By isolating air into distinct zones, our system ensures the rapid removal of potential contaminants, replacing it with a continuous flow of fresh, filtered outside air. Inspired by modern Canadian hospitals, this process refreshes the air in these areas every five minutes, surpassing the standard BC building code requirement and exchanging the air in the building every 5-minutes.

Importantly, our commitment to superior air quality extends beyond specific rooms. From reception to treatment rooms, our HVAC system and isolation zones consistently maintain a clean environment, prioritizing your safety at every step.

Our dedication to innovative safety measures gained attention during the pandemic, leading to collaboration with researchers at the University of British Columbia. Together, we established a fully-funded a Eminence research cluster aimed at breaking the chain of airborne disease transmission in healthcare facilities. For more details on this research, explore the UBC research cluster.

We Care about the air you breathe.

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Digital Inter-Oral X-ray

Care Dental practices have partnered with Dentsply SIRONA to offer fully digital chairside imaging using the Heliodent+ Chairside Imaging system. These devices come with patient positioning features and Metal Artifact Reduction, reducing the need for retakes. They also provide a resolution of up to 80 micrometers, allowing for precise diagnosis of dental conditions.

Concerned about radiation exposure? We are too! All of our chairside imaging solutions prioritize patient safety with a built-in radiation meter to ensure neither underexposure nor overexposure during x-rays. Heliodent+ chairside x-ray units operate at 3-5 microsieverts, equivalent to a piece of fruit.

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We love all teeth, but the littlest ones are our favourite.   That’s why we’ve invested in 00 (double-zero) sized sensors, that fit easily in the littlest of mouths.    We feel strongly that adult dental anxiety can be reduced or eliminated by delivering early and positive dental experiences.   Part of this is making sure that your kiddo’s first dental x-ray is a comfortable one.

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Digital 3D CBCT

Partnered with Dentsply SIRONA, Care Dental practices provide fully digital extra-oral imaging using the AXEOS 3D CBCT system.

Balancing image quality with patient safety is a fundamental challenge in medical and dental X-ray imaging. Care Dental is committed to investing in solutions that maximize image quality while adhering to the ALARA principle (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) for radiation exposure.

The AXEOS 3D CBCT operates within the dosage range of 40 to 50 microsieverts at maximum exposure.

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Plus, as our digital imaging is integrated with our digital scanners, mills, and furnaces, Care Dental dentists can show you treatment plans on the big screen, overlapping photos and films, with clinical outcomes, and case planning details, all in 3D, high-definition format.    Once you feel that you have all the information and are ready to move forward, we fabricate and manufacture all of the restorations in-house, while you wait, for a perfect fit, every time.

CEREC Chairside Digital Milling

Remember the inconvenience of getting a crown or bridge in the past? Goopy impressions, temporary crowns, missed workdays, a bunch of freezing, hours with your mouth wide-open and potential adjustments?  

At Care Dental, we offer same-day crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers at no additional cost to our patients. We’ve invested in digital scanning and CEREC Chairside Digital Milling, allowing us to precisely mill your new zirconia crown in just 5 minutes. 

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Medical Device 3D Printing

Care Dental utilizes Prime Print, a fully automated medical device 3D printing solution.  Primeprint simplifies the process, offering an end-to-end solution for producing medical applications and expanding our treatment and service offerings.  

No more goopy impressions and waiting for weeks for fittings. With a quick digital scan, we use digital planning software to design your custom night-guard or sports-guard, which we can print in the office while you wait.

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Dental Sintering and Porcelain Furnaces

Did you know that a zirconia crown needs to be “fired” or “sintered” just like pottery? When fired, it shrinks, requiring precise design adjustments. In the past, this process involved multiple visits, adjustments, and weeks of waiting. Care Dental has invested in a digital chairside workflow that allows us to handle all of this in-house with digital precision, completing the entire process in a single visit.

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Our imaging systems are seamlessly connected and work in concert to scan, plan, and manufacture your crown, bridge, or other restoration chairside, ensuring accuracy, beauty, and speed. One visit. As part of this commitment, Care Dental has invested in Sirona Dental Sintering and Porcelain furnaces, with CEREC SpeedFire being the smallest and fastest sintering furnace available, typically sintering a crown within approximately 14 minutes while you wait.

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