Inlays and Onlays  

Care Dental is pleased to offer dental ceramic inlays and onlays as an exceptional option for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. These custom-made restorations are meticulously crafted from high-quality ceramic materials, ensuring both strength and aesthetic appeal. Dental inlays and onlays are a versatile solution for patients, serving as an alternative to large fillings or composite restorations.

Compared to traditional large fillings or composite restorations, ceramic inlays and onlays offer several key advantages. Firstly, their precise fit and biocompatible nature ensure minimal discomfort and a longer-lasting solution. They are highly resistant to staining and provide a seamless blend with your natural tooth color, enhancing your smile’s aesthetics. Moreover, ceramic inlays and onlays help conserve more of your natural tooth structure, promoting long-term oral health.

At Care Dental, we utilize our same-day digital lab for the scanning, design, and milling of ceramic inlays and onlays. This technology eliminates the need for traditional goopy impressions, allows us to control the process, workflow, materials and quality.   Of particular importance is that we can do this all-in-one visit and eliminate for our patient the inconvenience of multiple visits. With our same-day digital scanning, we capture precise impressions of your teeth quickly and comfortably. We leverage artificial intelligence during our digital cad-cam design and milling process, which allows us to create your custom inlays and onlays in a single appointment, offering a convenient, efficient, and precise solution that enhances your dental experience. This technology represents our commitment to delivering the highest standard of dental care, preserving both your oral health and your smile’s natural beauty with the utmost convenience.



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