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Got Cukes?

Cucumbers are our friend when it comes to your oral health. Their crunch adds sparkle to your pearly whites, and their high water content is cleansing, helping to produce saliva, which washes away any bacteria in your mouth.

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Sum sum summertime…

Iiiiiiiiits here!     Woo-hoo.   Time for easy breezy walks and time outside with friends and family.   We’ve got your back Kelowna, all summer long.    While you’re out and about, we are having fun, delivering Care! Open early until late, seven days a week. Care Dental, the dentists that we hope you’ll look forward to safely visiting.

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Almost Halfway!

⏰ We are getting close to halfway through 2022!  Have you scheduled your bi-annual reCare booking? Don’t forget, Consistency is your teeth’s love language. ???? Protip: Next time you come for your reCare booking (check up & cleaning), make sure to PREBOOK your following appt – even if you don’t know your schedule yet. This […]

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Invisalign in Kelowna

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in both early childhood as well as adult orthodontics. We offer both traditional and clear aligners and use digital scanning in order to be able to show you photos of what will happen and what your treatment will look like when complete. With most cases we are […]

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Unfortunate Side Effects of Stage 3 :)

???? On July 1st, BC will move to Stage 3 and become mask-optional for public indoor spaces… but is your breath ready for that?! Bad breath, or #halitosis, is typically caused when particles of food begin to decay and release sulphur compounds. No judgement here but if this is an issue, let Care Dental help! Regular brushing, […]

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Meet our new Boo… Bamboo :)

???? We swapped from plastic to paper bags a long time ago… and now we’re doing it again! Your complimentary, hygiene #CarePackage just got even more eco-friendly. We scoured the bamboo toothbrush market and found one that we are proud to put our name on. The handle is 100% biodegradable and the bristles have the soft and supple […]

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???? Not just anyone can work at Care Dental… Each team member has been rigorously prescreened and hand selected for sharing the Care Dental values, traits and characteristics that we strive for daily. Proven clinical expertise. Genuine Care for patients. Passion for dentistry. Disciplined, detailed-oriented work ethic. Warmth, kindness and a desire to do good in […]

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Care Ortho #FTW now with both traditional and clear aligners!

 Care ORTHO now offers Clear Aligners and traditional braces. Because getting straightened isn’t just for hair. ????‍♀️ Show your teeth some LOVE by calling 778-484-CALM (2256) to book a complimentary ortho consultation today. At Care Ortho, beauty and function align. Call 778-484-CALM or visit today. We always look forward to hearing from you.  #whosyourdentist Dr. Dan […]

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