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With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in both early childhood as well as adult orthodontics.

We offer both traditional and clear aligners and use digital scanning in order to be able to show you photos of what will happen and what your treatment will look like when complete.

With most cases we are able to maintain the BC Dental Association General Dentistry fee guides rather than specialist.

How does it work?

First, we provide as an option, a no-charge ortho consult to all active patients.   This involves a review of the steps and a brief review of your case and desired outcomes with our ortho specialists.   After this consultation, if both you and we feel that things are a go, we book and complete an ortho-records appointment.    At this visit, we take all of the x-rays and impressions that are required to put together a formal treatment plan.   We also investigate any orthodontic coverage that you may or may not have with your insurance benefit.      Next, the final booking before we start is a treatment planning session, where we review the specifics, pricing, payments and the treatment plan, including some before and a virtual “after” photo so that you can see how things will turn out.   This visit keeps you in the driver’s seat and lays out a clear, concise and unambiguous roadmap.    Like what you see?   Then its a go and we move forward with insertion of the appliance (s).   Typically there are visits each month for an ortho-check and adjustment, which continue until completion of the treatment plan.

Here are some reasons why our happiest patient’s chose to get braces, either traditional or clear aligners, for themselves or for their children.

They felt self-conscious about their smile.    Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If your teeth are crooked or unevenly spaced or if you have an overbite or an underbite, you know how that affects your smile and self-confidence. Braces are a time-tested method for transforming your smile so you look and feel your absolute best.

They or their child had bite problems.   Even if your teeth are just a little crooked or out of alignment, you can wind up having big bite problems later on. Your teeth are meant to match up in pairs — top and bottom — when you chew and bite. If they don’t match up, your bite balance will be thrown off.    That might not sound like a big deal, but when your bite isn’t balanced, it can lead to a tooth-grinding problem, jaw pain, frequent headaches, and a chronic condition called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. Plus, an imbalance in your bite pattern can also cause uneven wear and strain on your teeth, increasing your risks for tooth decay, loose teeth, toothaches, and even tooth loss when you get older.

They wanted, or they wanted their child to make a good impression, personal or professional.   Like it or not, people will form an impression of you based on your physical appearance, and that includes how well you care for your teeth. If you have an alignment or spacing issue, you might be giving the impression that you don’t care about your oral health, and that could make a difference in how you’re perceived professionally. Straightening your teeth helps ensure you look your best in every setting, including the workplace.

They wanted to avoid tooth decay and tooth loss as they or their child got older.    Brushing and flossing are two critically important things you can do to prevent decay and keep your teeth and gums healthy. But when your teeth are crooked or unevenly spaced, it’s a lot harder to keep everything clean. Crevices and odd angles form places for plaque and bacteria to collect, increasing your risks for cavities and gum disease.   It’s much easier to effectively clean around and in between straight teeth, and that means you can decrease your risk for future tooth and gum problems. Plus, flossing is simpler when you don’t have to navigate overcrowding — and that means you’ll be more likely to do it.

They had lots of treatment options.   There was a time when getting braces meant just one option — traditional metal bands and wires. That’s still a good choice for many people, but there are other options too, like clear braces (commonly referred to as “Invisalign”) and lingual braces that are much more discreet. Advances in design mean braces work faster too, so your treatment can be finished sooner than you probably think.  Additionally, at Care Dental we have several payment options with flexibility and suitability for any budget.

Braces saved them money.   Everyone thinks of braces in terms of how much they cost, but what about how much they can save? Yes, braces can actually save you money in the future. How? By improving your oral health now so you can avoid costly dental problems as you age.   Because braces can help decrease your risks of TMD, decay, and tooth loss, you can avoid the costs associated with correcting those problems — costs that can far exceed the price of braces. You’ll also avoid the pain and inconvenience caused by those problems. Plus, even if your insurance plan doesn’t cover the cost of your braces, we offer payment plans and financing options, making orthodontic treatment affordable for pretty much any budget.

Most Importantly – What’s YOUR reason for getting braces?   Everyone has their own reason for getting braces. No matter what your reason may be, Care Dental has a solution.

Please call us at 778-484-2256 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or to make a booking.    We always look forward to seeing you.   Care Dental, the dentist that we hope you’ll look forward to safely visiting.



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