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Freedom is Priceless

???? Care Dental gives you #FREEDOM. Freedom of flexibility (open 7 days/week!), financial freedom with direct billing to almost all insurance plans, freedom from anxiety from unlimited free parking to experienced dentists you can trust AND freedom to Breathe Easy with BC’s first in a dental setting hospital grade HVAC overhaul, exchanging the air in our […]

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An Apple a Day!

???? Biting into a crispy, Okanagan apple during the Fall should be a bucket list item for everyone. Did you get a chance to enjoy one this year? If not, maybe its time come for a no charge consultation to discuss dental implants. Did you know Care Dental offers everything from a single implant to full […]

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No Charge – No Commitment! Book Your Ortho Consult today!

???? Actually, the benefits of orthodontics go way beyond a beautiful smile and renewed self confidence. Having straight teeth alleviates oral health issues like tooth decay since you can now properly clean between your teeth. You can even stop uncomfortable, misaligned teeth from leading to premature enamel wear and tear, saving you more time, money and […]

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We Care About the AIIR you Breathe

???? Life is a little different now. You give extra consideration when heading out to do simple things like going to the grocery store… but what about your dentist visits? The oral health of you and your family remains as important as ever but trust your instincts because your dental care does deserve special consideration as […]

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School Photos Aren’t the Only Close Ups You Should Be Getting!

School photos aren’t the only close-ups your family should be getting regularly. Back to school means back to routine… and don’t forget about your semi-annual dental check-up and cleaning routine. 2021 will be here before we know it (it’s true!).. so let us help you get organized, use your 2020 dental benefits and show your […]

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Care Dental in the news – Global Television Canada

Thank you Global News for this fantastic story.    Yes, we ARE proud of our early-adoption of acute care tech in a dental setting, specifically our CSA Canadian Healthcare Facilities HVAC Airborne Infection Isolation Room standard in all areas of the practice. The engineers, contractors, balancers and the equipment itself was quite an investment, especially shuttered […]

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@SkahaFord & @BradJinjoe, you are the definition of #Flossome

Early in the pandemic the Care Dental team became Kelowna General Hospital’s ER central triage “go-to” for emergency care that presented in the Emergency Room. Although lots of 4am phone calls, we were proud to do our part and continue manning those phones today! We ran into a problem though, no faceshields! We put a […]

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Care Dental in the News // Canadian Business Insider

Thanks Canadian Business Insider for this great article on the steps that we’ve taken to ensure that you don’t take a trip to the dentist home with you! Here is a link to the original story, with clipping below.   We are so pleased and proud to have made this investment, for our teams, for our […]

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