Open Early Until Late, 7-Days a Week

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The standard predicament, when you’re at work, or the kids are at school and you can’t make it, they’re open. When you’re off and the kids are out and you’re good to go, they’re closed. Hmph. What’s a person to do?

We understand and that’s why Care Dental is open early until late, 7-days a week. We built it for you, so have built a schedule that works for you as well.

Sunny long weekend? Check, we’ve got you.

Chippeď tooth late on a Sunday? Check, we’ve got you.

Not even our patient? Not a problem, we’ve got you. We know that inconvenient things often don’t happen at convenient times.

And conveniently located, with plenty of free parking right out front, it’s always easy.

Just a click away at or 778-484-CALM

Kelowna Dentist Open Sundays
Kelowna Dentist Open 7-Days a Week