Caring 4 U throughout the holiday season.

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💚🎉 We can’t stop, won’t stop Caring for our patients! At CD, we always try to consider our patient’s schedules when creating our own. That’s why we remain OPEN extended hours over many holidays – including New Years Eve! Dr. Justin, Dr. Chad & Dr. Dan are in-practice until 5pm this evening helping patients get the Care they need while making use of their 2019 coverage. 🚨 Have a dental emergency today? Care Dental can help! 778-484-CALM (2256).

Call 778-484-CALM or visit today. We always look forward to hearing from you. 💚


Dr. Dan Kobi, General Dentist & Principal Dentist
Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist
Dr. Todd Smith, General Dentist
Dr. Justin Abbott, General Dentist
Dr. Dionysius David, General Dentist

Dr. D. Kobi Inc. dba Care Dental is a BC dental corporation. @ Care Dental