CSA-Z8000-18 Canadian Health Care Facilities HVAC Negative Pressure Airborne Infection Isolation Room (AIIR)

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The Care Dental construction and engineering team are full-steam ahead! We are installing an Airborne Infection Isolation System that is designed, tested & balanced by a mechanical engineer to CSA Z8000-18 HVAC Negative Pressure Airborne Infection Isolation standard. This is the standard set by the Canadian Standards Association that advanced hospitals in Canada MUST be built to if they require an isolation space… to most safely perform aerosol generating medical procedures. Most Dentistry Generates Aerosols so we feel that this is an extremely important infection control measure to help protect our patients and team.

This is just ONE of the steps Care Dental is taking to ensure that we are the dentist you look forward to visiting safely. ???????? Re-opening for Emergency & Urgent care on May 7th. @ Care Dental