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Being a large, multi-clinician practice we are able to deliver hours of operation that match your schedule.   We built it for you, after all!   At the time of this writing, Care Dental is the only dentist open 7-days a week and every day we are open late.    That’s why, when you search “dentist open now” in Kelowna, generally we are first to pop up.

“Why isn’t everyone open 7-days a week” is a question we are asked.    Typically, dental practices are staffed by one or two dentists.  Because everyone needs time off, this means that weekends and sometimes even certain weekdays are left as closed.   At Care Dental, we operate in teams, with clinical and administration cohorts always working together.  And, because of our scale, we run multiple cohorts.   This means that we can deliver the very best of both worlds, opening hours that work for our patients, and 3 on, 4 off shifts, that work for our teams.    We live in the most beautiful place on the planet, and although we’ve got your back 24/7, we also want to surf and ski, and get outside in the beautiful Okanagan.

Also, being open 7-days means that we are in a unique opportunity to deliver emergency and urgent care.   We all know that inconvenient things never happen at convenient times!    This goes for teeth too!   Often, we get a call from a patient of another local dentist who is closed.   We prioritize first our emergency capacities on severity and triage accordingly, then after that its active patients of the practice and then the general public.

Did you know that Penticton General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital list Care Dental as the dentist to refer emergencies to at their respective ER central triage?   Yup!   When someone presents at the hospital with a dental emergency, most of the time, you are referred to us.

Early morning booking before school?   Pop in on your lunch?  Squeeze in a cleaning after mowing the lawn on Saturday?   Fit it in before work on Sunday, we’ve got you covered.

Visit us 24/7 for information and online booking at   Or, call us at 778-484-2256.   We are always accepting new patients and look forward to hearing from you.   Care Dental, the dentists that you’ll look forward to safely visiting.



#WhosYourDentist?   Dr. Dan Kobi, General Dentist & Principal Dentist

Associate Dentists:

Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist

Dr. Justin Abbot, General Dentist

Dr. Dionysius David, General Dentist

Dr. Danny Zare, General Dentist

Dr. Jack Gordon, General Dentist