Dental Check Ups in Kelowna

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Look Ma!  No Cavities!

There are four cornerstones of good oral health, that when maintained, set you, your mouth, and your overall health up for the best chance of success

  1.  Regular Brushing!
  2. Regular Flossing!
  3. Regular visits for Dental Hygiene


Regular Dental Check-Ups!

Whether you haven’t had a check up in 10 years, or if you are on the regular, we recommend a dental exam or “check-up” once a year.    Just like an oil change and inspection keeps your car running its best, dental check-ups allow us to work together with you to address concerns early and work a plan together to keep your grill all spark’ d up!

There are three types of exams at Care Dental

First – a new patient exam or new patient experience.    At this exam we will take a series of photos, lots of x-rays, poke around 😉 and complete a full medical exam.  As a standard of practice we aren’t just looking at your teeth, we are screening for other items such as oral cancer and obstructive sleep apnea.       We utilize advanced digital imaging, taking both PAN (a full mouth film) and PA’s (bitewing chairside x-rays).    We will provide you with fulsome treatment options and a plan to get things back to tip top if any clinical concerns are diagnosed.   This exam takes about an hour to complete and is typically paired with a cleaning.

Then – we have a #ReCare exam, performed once a year, where we take some updated films, and your dentist reviews the state of affairs.    This exam is available to all patients that have completed a new patient exam and takes about 30-minutes.

And lastly we have emergency or “spec” exams, where we focus just on one specific area of concern, typically a dental emergency.

We at all times follow the BC Dental Association Fee Guide, so although you get all of the Care Dental advantages, you never pay more.

Visit us 24/7 for information and online booking at   Or, call us at 778-484-2256.   We are always accepting new patients and look forward to hearing from you.   Care Dental, the dentists that you’ll look forward to safely visiting.



#WhosYourDentist?   Dr. Dan Kobi, General Dentist & Principal Dentist

Associate Dentists:

Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist

Dr. Justin Abbot, General Dentist

Dr. Dionysius David, General Dentist

Dr. Danny Zare, General Dentist

Dr. Jack Gordon, General Dentist