The Dentist You’ll Look Forward to Visiting

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We’ve invested in hospitality. The entire practice is spa-inspired for your comfort. When you enter, bath in the light of our orchard, and enjoy a barista fresh Americano or Green Tea. Kick off your shoes, and pop on some slippers. No waits, ever. We expect you to be on time, why should you expect us to not be? We’ve considered all of your senses, from the playlist, to the lighting, to the lavender diffusers, to the plush cozy blankets!
We’ve invested in convenience. Have you ever been up all night with a cracked tooth waiting for your provider to open? We understand this and offer extended after-hours booking, over multiple channels. We communicate the way that you want to communicate, quickly and on your preferred medium. We monitor and will answer questions, review current promotions, hours of operation, pricing and more on email, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Google Plus and more. With extended hours, one-stop patient care ethos, and emergency held capacity, we are always ready for you.
We’ve invested in experience. Dr. D. Kobi our lead dentist has been practicing in the Okanagan for just over 20-years, shortly after he graduated from the University of Alberta in 1994. With a commitment to be on the forefront, Dr. Dan and all of our Associate Dentists are committed to continuing education, and investing time and resource into the new and exciting ways to improve the quality of oral health care.
We’ve invested in BC. Why? From the sea to the sky, to the forest, to the mountains, to the vineyard, we have chosen to build here and support our communities as they support us.
We’ve invested in technology. Why? By integrating our verticals, and investing in 3D imaging, milling machines, and more, we can complete in one visit what used to take several. We think that if we can save you some time, that you will reward us by coming back and referring friends. Did you know that as of January 2018 that our 3D imaging “pan-ceph” is only 1 of 2 similar units in all of BC? You deserve more, why not get more?
We’ve invested in our team. Our practice was built from the ground up, not just with your comfort in mind, but theirs as well. Private team patios, full kitchens, showers, lockers, bike storage, mentorship and the latest in tooling helps us stay #onpoint. A happy team = happy patients!
We’ve invested in kids. From your kids to our Care Kids initiative, where we help kids that don’t have great access to dental care get it, our favourite teeth are the littlest ones. Ask a Care Director for more information on how we work to set up your little ones early with the notion that going to the dentist is fun!
Even our phone number stands for something …. 778-484-CALM
Don’t take our word for it, check out our google reviews to see what our patients are saying about us. Conveniently located at 1575 Banks Road, beside Cactus Club in the Walmart and Homesense plaza, we bring to you lots of parking, and easy access.
A common patient refrain is “I’ve NEVER been to a dentist like this before ….”
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#whosyourdentist Dr. D. Kobi Inc. dba Care Dental is a BC Dental Corporation wholly owned by Dr. D. Kobi, a General Dentist.