CareDental + CareOrtho + Surgery + Sedation = One Stop Shop

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One of our goals when we built Care Dental was to save you time.   We #BuiltItForYou after all. This defined that as we grew, that we would need to become a one-stop shop; with a schedule that was built around your schedule.   We would strive to eliminate multiple visits for items that could be completed together, as well as provide all dental options within the practice, using a holistic approach to your oral health and dentistry as a whole.
Our vision of course! This is what guides all of our decisions, as we come to work after all to have fun being the Dentist That you Look Forward to Visiting! #Flossome.
What did we do about it?
First …. general and cosmetic dentistry!  You’ve heard all the buzz, yup, the new #MeTime…That’s right!
Second …. expanded hours, open late, and the only dentist in town #OpenSundays. Care Dental FTW!
Then …. we followed up last year, and launched CareOrtho, where exclusive to Care Dental patients, we offer in-practice orthodontic treatments, including both traditional and clear aligners (often referred to as “Invisalign”).   No referrals, no specialist fees, one stop, saves you time!
But we didn’t stop there!
Now …. starting March 2019, we are thrilled to announce, exclusive to Care Dental patients …. wait for it …… in-house Oral Surgery and Sedation options!  Like CareOrtho, No need for a referral or having to visit a separate provider, and no more specialist fees, BOOM!
Can you tell that we are pumped!?
Stay tuned for more information, DM us here 24/7, or call us in the practice at 778-484-CALM if you’d like to hear more.
Are you ready to check-in? Direct message us here 24/7 or call 778-484-CALM (2256) to reserve your booking. We always look forward to hearing from you.
Dr. D. Kobi Inc. dba Care Dental is a BC Dental Corporation.
Dr. Dan Kobi, General Dentist and Principal Dentist
Associate Dentists:
Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist
Dr. Sophia L. Dahia, General Dentist
Dr. Dionysius David, General Dentist