Care Dental Core Values

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The Care Dental Core Values are Health, Family, Courage, Discipline and Kindness


Health            Not just improving patient outcomes! This core value delivers an expectation that all team members take as good a care of their own health, as they would their patient’s.   When decision making, leadership and team alike are to always work to find courses of action that support this core value.   Plans that do not support this are to be discarded and or adjusted. Health is the crown on the well-person’s head, that only the sick person can see.   If we aren’t taking time for wellness, we are making time for illness.   We cannot achieve our full potential if we are dead.

Family            Beyond our own personal health, family is our most important asset.   We must consider not just our own families, but our Care Dental family, and the community as a whole in all of our decision making.

Courage         Care Dental vision, mission, core values and brand delivery requires that innovation, change, and leadership be present in everything that we do.   This is scary, and overcoming fear takes courage.   As such, all team members are encouraged to speak out with concerns, questions, and suggestions.   They are encouraged to do the hard work, and complete the heavy lifting, courageously and leading from the front.   Being the best means you are out in front, and in front, without a map.   This is where we always want to be.

Discipline       Small actions, made often, create massive results. Breathing the rare air of mega-success that only 5% of humanity will ever get to breathe means doing the things that 95% of humanity is not prepared to do. Every. Single. Day.   This takes discipline. Habits are forged and formed over time.  Team members are expected to deliver Care under a 300% rule, 100% of the process, to 100% of the patients, 100% of the time. This takes discipline.

Kindness        Regardless of what we are doing, we will do it with kindness.   Anything less is unacceptable.   It is the responsibility of all Care Dental team members to “shine their kind light” on the world as they move through it, making it a better place for the rest of the community.   Happy and positive team members, will provide Care at a standard that creates happy and positive patients.   Happy Patients = Happy Care Dental.