An Apple a Day!

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Treats for patients and the Care team today! Organic gala apples from Dr. Jesse’s Orchard! Thanks Dr. J! ????

An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away! We all know that fruits and veggies are an important part of any balanced diet, and they are also good for your teeth.

Since they are high in water and fiber, they help balance the sugars they contain and help clean your teeth. Chewing also helps stimulate saliva production, which washes harmful acids and food particles away from your pearly whites ????

Hurry! The apples are going fast! ????

#whosyourdentist Dr. D. Kobi Inc. dba Care Dental is a BC dental corporation wholly owned by Dr. D. Kobi, a General Dentist.
Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist
Dr. Hanan Dehrab, General Dentist
Dr. Jesse Grewal, General Dentist

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