#AlwaysLearning and #AlwaysCaring

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We feel that if we aren’t #AlwaysLearning then we aren’t fully living up to our vision of being the dentists that your whole family will look forward to visiting.

We feel pretty fly, as each Friday in Kelowna we leverage a #CareDentalAdvantage and work together in practice with our external coaches and experts to sharpen further our dentistry chops.

This Friday, we reviewed Patient Communication and In-house crown design and milling … and enjoyed the wonderful company and energy of our lead practical coaches Meg and Bev.

Did you know that our #cerec in-house milling technology can reduce the need for multiple visits, and when combined with our #AdvancedImaging provide a more precise crown than traditional methods, in minutes, rather than weeks?   Don’t take our word for it, and just google “the advantages of cerec”.    Why did we invest in this tech?   Its simple …. we built it for you, and to meet our vision, we make sure that it’s #NothingButTheTooth.

Are you ready to check-in? ????‍ Direct message us here 24/7 or call 778-484-CALM (2256) to reserve your booking. We always look forward to hearing from you.

#whosyourdentist Dr. D. Kobi Inc. dba Care Dental is a BC dental corporation wholly owned by Dr. D. Kobi, a General Dentist.
Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist
Dr. Hanan Dehrab, General Dentist
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