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Leading our Sleep Dentistry efforts and acting as an esteemed member of our General Dentistry team, we are pleased today, to introduce the lovely Dr. Stephen Bray ????‍♂️.

A lifelong learner, the study of Dentistry has taken Dr. Bray far afield, working and training in some of the worlds most prestigious hospitals and universities.

He has written and published widely, regularly presents to colleagues and is the Interior of British Columbia’s leading dental expert in terms of solutions to address snoring, sleep apnea, chronic headache and TMD.

He lives with his wife in Kelowna where they enjoy spending time with their family, children and grandchildren.

Dr. Bray earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with honours in medicine at the London Hospital in London, England. Dr. Bray worked at that hospital until moving with his wife to Canada achieving his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Toronto. Another move took them to underserved areas in Northern Ontario before settling with their young family in Kelowna, where he practiced general dentistry for 16 years.

Returning to the UK, he wrote, taught and restricted his practice to TMD, Sleep disorders and advanced Full Mouth Reconstruction, achieving membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, as well as being awarded a fellowship specific to TMD in the US.

He published (textbook and articles) and studied in the field of Prosthodontics, achieving his Post Graduate Certificate in Prosthodontics from Kings College London. After this, he completed his certificate level in Implantology at the Royal College of Surgeons, England, studying and teaching in the US, Scotland, Germany and India.

Travelling to Boston, Mass. in 2008, he earned his Fellowship in Facial Pain and Sleep Disorders. He remained in Boston as a University lecturer and clinical demonstrator at Tufts University, sharing his time with the Center for Sleep Medicine at Tufts Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard.

Later at the University of Glasgow’s neuroscience department, Scotland he achieved his 2-year Post Graduate Behavioural Sleep Medicine qualification. Dr. Bray is the only dentist in Canada to hold such a qualification.

He attended the Royal Brompton Hospital and Royal Nose, Ear and Throat Hospital, before returning to Kelowna where he provides treatment primarily for of TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine.

Since returning to Canada, he has been a member of various sleep and facial pain study groups (AASM, AADSM, SBSM, AACP) and received a Board Certified Diplomate, American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine award and more recently the prestigious Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is the only dentist in the interior of British Columbia to hold both qualifications by examination.

Are you looking for an alternative to CPAP? Working to solve chronic headache? Have sleep Apnea concerns or have to sleep in separate rooms from your spouse because of snoring? Do you suffer from the debilitating effects of Tinnitus? Well … Dr. Bray is your guy.

Welcome Dr. Bray.

You. Are. #Flossome