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Did You Know?

#DidYouKnow? Yogurt makes your mouth less acidic by balancing out PH levels. Less acid = less room for cavity causing bacteria to grow

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Sum sum summertime…

Iiiiiiiiits here!     Woo-hoo.   Time for easy breezy walks and time outside with friends and family.   We’ve got your back Kelowna, all summer long.    While you’re out and about, we are having fun, delivering Care! Open early until late, seven days a week. Care Dental, the dentists that we hope you’ll look forward to safely visiting.

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More Reason to Matcha

Dental Tip! Another reason to Matcha! Green Tea has antioxidants called catechins, which help reduce bacteria and gum inflammation ????. Matcha #MatchaLatte #Kelowna #Okanagan

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Dear Mum.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our #KelownaMoms. We hope that you have a beautiful day being celebrated.

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We Built it For You! Inside and Out.

Our vision is to be the Dentist that our Patients look forward to safely visiting!​​​​​​​​ Care Dental has been designed to reflect this – inside & out. Find us at 1500 Banks Road, off Harvey Avenue beside Cactus Club

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Tips for #OralHealthMonth // Nutrition

Tips for #OralHealthMonth // NUTRITION Consider your own dietary requirements and preferences, but here are some general tips about food for #OralHealth  ???? Snacking: it’s easy to reach for the sugar, but try swapping for alternatives like nuts, vegetables or non-acidic fruit ???? Balance: Try to limit foods or beverages that contain high sugar, sodium, […]

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Meet our new Boo… Bamboo :)

???? We swapped from plastic to paper bags a long time ago… and now we’re doing it again! Your complimentary, hygiene #CarePackage just got even more eco-friendly. We scoured the bamboo toothbrush market and found one that we are proud to put our name on. The handle is 100% biodegradable and the bristles have the soft and supple […]

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