5 Advantages of Dental Implants

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5 Advantages of Dental Implants

1. Beauty. Cosmetically, it is difficult to visually identify an implant next to natural teeth.

2. Smart. Implants stop adjacent teeth from shifting or needing to be “prepped” for a bridge.

3. Strength. Implants prevent jawbone loss and changes in facial shape by mimicking the bone growth stimulation of a natural tooth.

4. Longevity. A dental implant can last up to 30+ years!

5. Cost Efficient. Although there is an initial investment, dental implants are typically a one-time investment and less expensive over time compared to other options.

???? Dental implants can provide a beautiful & healthy option to address missing teeth. A dental implant consists of three parts, which begin with freezing the area and inserting a titanium screw into the gum and jawbone to serve as fresh tooth “roots,” similar to how a normal tooth has a base, pulp, or dentin, and crown. An abutment or connector is placed atop the titanium screw until the jawbone and gums have healed and the titanium root has been accepted. The final part, the new tooth crown, is installed. As a result, you’ll have a permanent new tooth that’s as healthy as a normal tooth, allowing you to smile and chew without fear. ????

*Dental implants must be prescribed by your dentist as part of your individual treatment plan.

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Dr. Dan Kobi, General Dentist & Principal Dentist

Dr. Chad Fletcher, General Dentist
Dr. Danny Zare, General Dentist
Dr. Justin Abbott, General Dentist
Dr. Dionysius David, General Dentist
Dr. Jack Gordon, General Dentist

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