Tag: Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF/PRP) in Kelowna

Dentist Accepting New Patients in Kelowna

Being big is beautiful. An advantage of our scale is that we are always able to accept new patients and get you and your family in quick, 7-days a week. You are not a number, we operate in teams so that you always get to work with the same clinical group, focused on your health […]

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Emergency Dentist In Kelowna

Scooter ride gone awry?   Cracked on a nut?   Left that cavity too long?  Well, the list of reasons why you are in pain and considered an emergency is unfortunately long.   And, dental pain, that’s no joke. A patient of Care Dental or not, we understand and have your back. We recognize that being open late, […]

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Root Canals in Kelowna (Root Canal Therapy or RCT)

Root Canal or RCT is an aspect of endodontics that deals with treatment of diseases of the dental pulp consisting of partial or complete extirpation of the diseased pulp, cleaning, sterilization, reshaping, and sealing the canal. Care Dental always keeps you in the driver’s seat of your treatment. Phew! Once a root canal has been […]

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Dental Implants in Kelowna

Care Dental in Kelowna provides dental implant services 7-days a week and open late, with loads of free parking at our #spa-inspired practice. We utilize PRF techniques to improve healing times. We are always accepting new patients and look forward to hearing from you. With several sedation options from local to full conscious sedation we […]

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Tooth Restorations in Kelowna

“Look Ma!  No Cavities” is our favorite refrain, however sometimes, its #NothingButTheTooth. The good news is, with regular dental check-ups and a solid oral-hygiene plan, we can catch most decay quickly, before it becomes too much of a problem.    Often, a small air-abrasion is all that is needed! Cavities are the only reason to […]

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Braces in Kelowna

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in both early childhood as well as adult orthodontics. We offer both traditional and clear aligners and use digital scanning in order to be able to show you photos of what will happen and what your treatment will look like when complete. With most cases we are […]

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Wisdom Teeth In Kelowna

Are you considering wisdom teeth removal for yourself or your child? Around the age of 18 it is time to start thinking about this and something that we approach with our patients. This is a great time as there can be clinical advantages and most parental insurance is still in place. Here are 10 common […]

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