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Tooth Extractions in Kelowna

We have two sets of teeth, our baby teeth and our adult teeth, and our adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime.   With regular dental hygiene and check-ups, we can work with you to catch issues early so that together we can make that happen.   We believe that the best smile, is the one […]

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Family Dentist in Kelowna

We love all teeth, but the littlest ones are our favorites. Plus, open late, 7-days a week, with plenty of free parking in our spa-inspired practice we turn a family excursion to the dentist into mum and dad’s new #MeTime. Our docs and the entire Care team understand and feel strongly that early, positive dental […]

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Root Canals in Kelowna (Root Canal Therapy or RCT)

Root Canal or RCT is an aspect of endodontics that deals with treatment of diseases of the dental pulp consisting of partial or complete extirpation of the diseased pulp, cleaning, sterilization, reshaping, and sealing the canal. Care Dental always keeps you in the driver’s seat of your treatment. Phew! Once a root canal has been […]

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