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Gentle Reminder that Most Insurance Turns Over December 31 – Hurry!

????????‍♀️ This is a #gentledental reminder that if you have dental coverage, it is likely that it will turn over on December 31st. Make the most of your coverage! and make sure your pearly whites stay bright by booking in with one our lovely, gentle Registered Dental Hygienists. The end of the year is always busy and we’d […]

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Transforming Smiles & Mindsets

Whether you’re ready for a regular check-up ? or seeking treatment for a specific issue, Dr. Hanan Dehrab, DDS, is meticulous in her dentistry, lovely to deal with and accepting new patients. Prefer not to take time off work to visit? Dr. Hanan is also in practice on Sundays! Please come and experience for yourself all […]

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