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Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson of Kelowna joins #CareDentalPreferredPartnerProgram

Brad Harnett, General Manager of Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson of Kelowna is always on the hunt for new ways to support his incredible team. #TeamworkFTW Their “people and community, before profits” approach delivers the trust that is needed for the “rare air” super-achievement that the organization is enjoying. Pictured here is Brad and Care Dental Care […]

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Do you #GrindYourTeeth? What’s the Root Cause?

Tooth Grinding (Sleep Bruxism) and sleep related movement disorders  Night-time clenching or tooth grinding is a common problem classified as Sleep Bruxism (SB), and is one of the sleep related movement disorders (ICDS-2).  Sleep Bruxism may be extremely damaging to the teeth and supporting structures as well as existing dental work. The etiology of Sleep […]

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#CONRO Welcome Lounge | All Eyes On Me

If you’ve been in practice, you’ve likely heard the ultra chill beats of Care Dental and Kelowna’s favourite resident DJ, Conro. The relaxing yet upbeat sounds will finesse your ears while our top notch dentists care for your teeth. Check out CONRO’s latest ‘All Eyes On Me’ on SiriusXM Chill or in the Care Dental […]

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She Turned Her “Can’ts” into “Cans”

She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans. ????. With every new patient exam we’re turning our patient’s smile dreams into plans. You’ll leave with a custom treatment plan outlining the first steps towards having the healthy smile you were meant to wear. The first step? Click the link in our profile […]

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#GetYourSnoozeOn #ChronicHeadache

Did you know that an obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screen is now a standard of practice for Canadian Dentists? Did you know that Health Canada studies provide that 1 in 3 people suffer from some sort of sleep disorder? Did you know that OSA is a leading risk factor for heart attack, stroke and early […]

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