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New Patient Exam

Welcome to Care Dental! During your first visit, we ask patients to plan for a complete new patient exam and hygiene booking.  We will lead you through your first Care Dental experience and your dentist will make sure we have a thorough snapshot of your oral health. We use this understanding as a baseline for future bookings and treatment. If any concerns are found, the Dentist will communicate this and discuss treatment options. We can also help facilitate the transfer of your patient records from a previous dental office. A new patient exam is approximately 1-hour in length.


A leading alternative to uncomfortable, metal braces, Invisalign uses clear, plastic retainers to progressively move your teeth into a beautiful position. With a series of retainers over the course of a treatment, your teeth will be shaped quickly and effectively, allowing you to avoid the frustrations of braces and enjoy a perfect smile conveniently.

Dental Hygiene

Prepare to relax, put on your favourite Netflix show and have your teeth deep cleaned by an experienced Registered Dental Hygienist. By having professional cleanings on a regular basis, you will help to protect and restore the health of your teeth and gums. We take every opportunity to improve your oral health and, when helpful, and will develop a cleaning strategy to promote optimal dental care. A hygiene booking is approximately 1-hour in length.


Matching your filling to the shade of your natural tooth will make for a seamless appearance, virtually unnoticeable in your smile. Moving away from the silver amalgam fillings, composite fillings allow for a safe and strong restoration that will stand the test of time.


At Care Dental, the littlest teeth are our favourites! Children are always warmly welcomed to the practice whether it is their first visit or there is something that needs special attention – we are on it! From the moment they walk in the door, we aim to give them the best experience possible. Fun slippers? Check! iPad with educational games? Check! Once in the chair, our team will take great Care while they watch their favourite cartoons on Netflix. Our dental chairs are designed with parents in mind with a designated sitting area within eye and ear shot very nearby. Don’t forget to visit the treasure box at the end of every visit!

Sealant Fills

After a full cleaning, teeth that are susceptible to decay can be protected with a sealant fill. Our process involves painting sealant onto the tooth, then setting that with a specialized light. Once the sealant is set, you’ll have added protection to stop tooth decay before it begins.


Once your initial visit is complete, we work with you to schedule convenient check ups and hygiene on a regular basis. At Care Dental, we call this a ‘reCare’ booking and it typically takes place every six to nine months. During this booking, your Dentist will give you a thorough check-up and your Dental Hygienist will deep clean your teeth. A reCare booking is approximately 1-hour in length.

Bridges & Crowns

A missing, cracked, or chipped tooth doesn’t have to stay with you for life. Get back to a full smile with our specially crafted bridges and crowns. By matching the pontic (artificial tooth) to your surrounding teeth, your crown or bridge will fit in perfectly with your smile, shade included!


With a calming environment being integral to our office, extractions don’t need to be scary. We offer sedation and sleep dentistry to put your anxieties at ease, and with a spa-inspired practice you will find yourself right at home throughout the treatment. Have any concerns about your upcoming appointment? Our dental team is waiting to answer your call and discuss in-depth what to expect so that you have nothing to fear!


One of the greatest advances in modern dentistry is the ability to replace teeth without losing any overall functionality in the process. By fusing directly to the bone, implants offer the same support and strength of a natural tooth’s root. The ideal solution to a tooth that cannot be saved, implants are indistinguishable from a natural tooth after being made to match by our talented dentists and useful technology.


Your comfort and ease are two of our paramount concerns. To help ease or remove anxiety we offer a range of sedatives during oral surgery and/or regular treatments. Nitrous oxide is a safe and easily administered sedative which works very rapidly, offering relaxation and pain-killing properties within minutes without the ‘hangover’ effect that often comes with other sedative techniques. More advanced options may include pharmaceutical sedatives in tablet form or IV sedation for an entire procedure. We are committed to making your every dental procedure in our office as comfortable as possible, and will work with you to ensure that we meet your needs.

Oral Surgery

With a calming environment being integral to our practice, oral surgery including extractions and wisdom teeth removal, doesn’t need to be scary. We offer sedation, when required, to put your anxieties at ease, and with a spa-inspired practice you will find yourself right at home throughout the treatment. Have any concerns about your upcoming booking? Our dental team is waiting to answer your call and discuss in-depth what to expect.