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What to Expect at Your Next Visit to Care Dental due to COVID19.

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At all times, dentists in British Columbia maintain the highest standards of infection control.   We monitor and consider the latest guidance provided by the College of Dental Surgeons of BC, Health Canada and IPAC (Infection Prevention Asepsis Canada).     

At Care Dental, our vision is to be the dentists that you look forward to safely visiting, and our “why” is to have fun coming to practice everyday and working towards achieving this vision.   We sweat the details, so that you don’t have to.

In May of 2020 we renovated our entire facility to meet the Canadian Standards Agency’s Canadian Health Care Facilities Airborne Infection Isolation Room HVAC Guide (CSA-Z8000-18/317).   We were the first in a BC Dental Setting to take this step and it caused quite a stir, even making the news.   It took much courage, however now as we learn more about how COVID19 and other airborne pathogens are spread, it seems every day a new research article on the importance of proper ventilation is released.    Each day, because of this, we are even more proud of our facility and its potential positive impact on the health of our community.

Did you know that your Care Dental team is part of UBC’s Airborne Disease Transmission Research Network?  As soon as we renovated, researchers from UBC became interested in our system and set up a fully-funded, multi-year research team to consider its impact.  We just aren’t following today’s guidance, we are proud to be part of the team that is researching the guidance of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions, please check out our COVID-19 FAQ.

What’s Different?

Prior to your arrival you will be verbally screened by our Patient Services Team who will ask if you are showing symptoms of a respiratory infection or virus.    On arrival, all team members and patients will have their temperature taken and recorded with a touchless thermometer.    Our bright and spacious welcome lounge permits physical distancing in a #spa-inspired setting.  Masks are recommended, but are considered optional for our patients.   There is strategic signage and stations to assist with hand and respiratory hygiene.   We urge all patients that can get a vaccine to get a vaccine however we will not inquire as to your vaccine status and respect your privacy surrounding this aspect of your medical history.

Did you notice that the front door sticks?

This isn’t poor maintenance, its because you are entering the first negative pressure zone in the building.   Everywhere that you go while at Care Dental, we are controlling the air.   In the welcome lounge, clinical spaces and hallways, the perimeter of the room is flooded with a positive pressure air curtain to contain any airborne particles created in that space, and then at the roof, in the relevant areas, there are negative pressure intakes.    We contain, move, remove, filter, exhaust and replace 1,500,000 cubic feet of air per hour!  That’s all of the air in the practice removed and replaced every 5-minutes.    Why?   Its simple!  We Care about the air you breathe.

In the background we have considered all opportunities for a pathogen to be transmitted, either via aerosol, droplet or contact transmission and taken steps to eliminate the risk.   Even though your visit is essentially back to normal from your point of view, please rest assured that our infection plans are rigorous, robust and audited.

Summary:   We have outfitted our teams and patients alike with the facility, tools and training, needed to make sure that they don’t take a trip to the dentist home with them.   Yes, we are here to treat your dental needs, but keeping our teams, patients, and the community safe and healthy is our #1 priority

Thank you, and please take good Care. 


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