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A visit to your dentist is both an essential service and an essential piece of the puzzle in terms of your overall health.   As most dental procedures are Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP), it is our opinion,  that during the COVID-19 Pandemic, unless proper precautions and adjustments to how dentists approach the way they practice have been made, a visit may not be recommended, safe or smart.    

In March, immediately after review of the most recent guidance, Care Dental suspended physical operations, and moved to providing care via tele-dentistry and referral.    During this time, we reviewed guidance, and research, and deployed dentists, surgeons, medical doctors and engineers to assist us in formulating a plan that would allow us to address virus transmission concerns and safely and responsibly resume in-practice operations.  We are pleased to announce that these changes have been made, and we are re-open to provide full service care to all patients, effective May 28, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions, please check out our COVID-19 FAQ.

Summary of Changes

We are using all available tools to screen our patients before they arrive, so that we can confirm that they do in fact have an emergency or urgent need, that they do not fall into a high-risk travel group, are not symptomatic specific to a respiratory infection, or have not had close contact with someone who falls into either of these categories.    On passing these initial screens, on arrival, patients will undergo a second, more thorough screen, and have their temperature taken.   These actions allow us to best keep any pathogens out of the practice..

We have renovated our building to meet standards described in CSA-Z8000-18 HVAC Airborne Isolation Infection Control (AIIR) guidelines.    This HVAC system, along with infection control and patient flow adjustments, uses the technologies and processes found in some Canadian hospitals to contain, control, and eliminate aerosolized pathogens.   We have considered, invested and installed this technology not just in our clinical areas, but in all areas of the practice.   After all, it is all of our sons, and daughters, and wives and husbands and parents and grandparents and children that will be visiting.

We have considered the ADC’s (Aerosol, Droplet and Contact) of pathogen transmission, and have rewritten our entire patient handling and infection control process in reflection of best practices; not just in a dental setting, but versus hospital guideline as well.

Summary:   We have outfitted our teams and patients alike with the facility, tools and training, needed to make sure that they don’t take a trip to the dentist home with them.   Yes, we are here to treat your dental needs, but keeping our teams, patients, and the community at large free from the virus is our #1 priority.

Thank you, and please take good Care.